DMA-80 evo

User Documentation

These documents will give you all the information you need to keep your DMA-80 evo operating efficiently.
With regular service, calibration and proactive maintenance you can optimize production efficiency and significantly extend the useful life of your Milestone instrument and accessories, a source of significant savings in the long term.
If you need any assistance from us, dont’ hesitate to contact us and we will find the right solution for your needs. We can schedule and design a dedicated training agenda.


We invite you to carefully read this user manual and to keep it in reach for convenient and fast consulting. The person who will be using this unit should have received an appropriate training from a Milestone trained technician. For any possible clarification or any request for assistance please contact either our Representative in your country.

Tips and Techniques

This document provides an overview of the most important parameters to set during mercury analysis with DMA-80 evo; it includes: calibration, quality control, how to start a process, cleaning procedures and quick operating tips such as: how to work at low concentrations, how to work with difficult matrices, how to avoid memory effect.

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