Your trusted partner for a comprehensive support
Our goal is to help your lab address its current and ever evolving challenges with innovative and enabling products. To support this goal, we are introducing milesCARE, an umbrella of support and services to protect your investment, address your application challenges, and to guide you as your lab’s needs grow and change.
With milesCARE your daily needs will find an answer through a suite of tools.
  • Installation and trainings: our technicians tailor the installation and training to your needs and applications, enabling a fast and straightforward implementation.
  • Milestone Connect provides instant answers to your questions through a wide selection of application referrals, maintenance tips, training and troubleshooting videos.
  • Application Support: a team of specialists provides trustable answers.
  • Remote support: an augmented reality APP allows our engineers to be at your side in your lab, for quick troubleshooting and an efficient repair at lower cost.
  • Preventive Maintenance ensures both to have a reliable system always working at its best, as well as to avoid unexpected costs.
  • Validation Package matches your specific needs such as IQ, OQ, PQ and re-qualification.
  • Accessories and Consumables: a comprehensive list of consumables allows to easily identify the part to be replaced and the new available accessories for your application.
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