DMA-80 evo

Scientific papers

It is well known that mercury and its multiple forms are critical contaminants to the environment with severe consequences for food chain and humans.
The determination of trace levels of Hg is a must and frequently measurements are performed by converting Hg to a vapor and measuring its concentration either by atomic absorption or by atomic fluorescence. This is a reliable analytical procedure, but accurate trace analysis is dependent on minimizing manipulation of samples in order to avoid losses of volatile analyte and its forms and also avoiding contamination. The possibility of performing all analytical steps automatically in a dedicated instrument is a great analytical strategy and the DMA-80 has proved its superb performance in applications for a plethora of samples, such as animal tissues, atmospheric particulate, coal, fish, hair, sediments, soils, vaccines, etc.
Even speciation analysis could be performed when associating the DMA-80 with a proper extraction procedure.
The selection of papers below cited focus on applications for all these samples

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