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milesCARE is the Milestone program to ensure our premium support to our customers. It encompasses our in-house customer service, application support teams and our field support personnel.
Remote support

Remote Support

To minimize your downtime and offer short response time, milesCARE incorporates several current tools to remotely support you and provide prompt first aid. Using a remote video call system our application specialist and engineer will be able to take you in our laboratories and guide you to the best practices. Simply by requesting our help, you will be engaged by our milesCARE team. Through an augmented reality APP, our engineers and specialists will be able to visualize and identify the issue for quick troubleshooting.
 Accessories & Consumables

Accessories & Consumables

Keep you update on the latest accessories released for your DMA-80 evo system that are relevant for your application and your laboratory, such as new accessories, and other components that will further enhance the capabilities of your system. A comprehensive list of consumables, also available through our online store , allows to easily identify the details of the consumables to be replaced, and request a quotation, so that your workflow is not affected.
DMA-80 evo

Preventive Maintenance

Protect your investment with a Preventive Maintenance

Our proactive maintenance program provides greater efficiency to your lab and significantly extends the life of your Milestone instruments. milesCARE technicians look for isolated and operational issues, so that your instrument is always performing according to the factory specifications. Our suite of Service Contract includes preventive maintenance visits, as well as service repair. Preventive Maintenance ensures both to have a reliable system always working at its best, as well as to avoid unexpected costs.
Preventive Maintenance
Preventive Maintenance

DMA-80 essential list

Keep you DMA-80 up and running!
Your DMA-80 is an essential component to your lab’s productivity and downtime can mean lost revenue or throughput. The following is a list of the essential parts required to keep your DMA-80 Mercury Analyzer operational. We suggest that our DMA-80 users should have a backup of these critical items to ensure the continual running of their instrument and to avoid any disruptions in usage.
milesCARE - DMA-80 Essentials List Order Form
Do you want to reduce costs and increase performance?
Air compressor
The DMA-80 evo air compressor is designed to reduce running costs and improve performance
Mercury trap for your DMA-80
Hg trap
Mercury trap prevents exposure to mercury after analysis, eliminating the need for extraction systems, simplifying waste management, and keeping a safe lab environment.
User manual
DMA-80 evo
Get the latest version of the DMA-80 user manual
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